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GoKart 600

What’s the big idea in this #GoKart600?

Today, GoKart Labs is kicking off another GoKart 600  – an Invention Event where every single GoKartian will spend the entire day focused on building a viable product or business in 600 minutes.

Over the past week the staff have submitted and voted on over two dozen proposed ideas, all stated in the form of “How might we” questions aimed at solving specific human needs.

Todays winner: “How Might We create a digital experience to help facilitate and capture inspiration and ideas around human needs?”

From that question, the inventing, designing, developing, launching (and fun) begins.

There were so many great “How might we’s”, but only one is the focus for our day. Perhaps next time GoKart will look at solving one of the others, including:

• Help older people find meaning in the next phase of their life

• Educate kids to become the next wave of inventors

• Create an experience to help modern families be happier together

• Use digital tools to help people suffering from depression and many others…

Follow along on Twitter today to see our progress using the #GoKart600.

We love comments and questions and will do our best to answer everyone.  See you soon!

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Blazing the cyber trail for over 15 years, AJ broke the seal on many online tactics, techniques and technologies that are now industry standards. His constant analyzing and asking questions is part of his DNA and, by association, has defined GoKart culture; by turning that introspective tendency to interactive strategy and architecture, he maintains his status as a pioneer (minus the Wild-West aroma).

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