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Projects vs Products

Many organizations have invested heavily in building sophisticated project management processes.

So it’s no surprise when they approach new opportunities as projects. They’ve gotten very good at them.

Don’t get me wrong, projects are necessary and we work on them all the time. But how success is defined for projects—on time, on budget, meeting requirements, happy sponsors—often teaches you nothing about your customer’s experience or the health of your business.

An alternative to the project focus is a product focus.

It’s an approach built on discovering what’s valuable to the customer and beneficial to the business.

It recognizes that our requirements might not be known right away. It accepts that delivering on time and on budget matters very little if the market doesn’t want what you deliver.

Smart businesses understand this, and organize around the products they offer.

Here’s a clue: ask an employee at a product-focused organization what her team looks like, and rather than saying “I’m one of our developers or business analysts,” she’s likely to say: “We work on the product.”

What would your teams say?

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Product Teams vs Project Teams

Funding product teams, not projects.

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