Lab Notes

Purposefully Challenging The Status Quo

My name is Craig, the latest GoKartian to join the crew in MPLS.

I am a big believer in purposefully challenging the status quo. It’s the heartbeat of the modern marketer. It enables brands to make a difference in people’s lives while also growing their businesses in remarkable ways.

Thankfully, every day, I discover more industry leaders championing this cause of purposeful disruption.

Here are a few brands and leaders that inspire me, and hopefully you as well.


Duolingo: Launched in 2012, Now has 40 million users

Luis von Ahn has disrupted how we learn a new language.

Read more – 3 min.


Startup creates #1 Rated Mattress

Investing in service and social good.

Read more – 2 min.


Medical wisdom from the crowd

Reducing time & cost of diagnosis.

Read more – 4 min.


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Craig believes in the power of purposefully challenging the status quo to make brands meaningful. He has a bias towards action, getting ideas into market and building experiences that make people's lives better. Craig writes about strategy, technology trends and leadership.

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