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#GoKart600 - GoKart Labs

GoKart 600 Recap

Two weeks ago, for 600 minutes, all 37 of us at GoKart Labs started the day with nothing more than a problem statement.

By 6 PM, we had created a new product called Whitespace to help people collaborate around what inspires them.

Of all the great quotes from the #GoKart 600 day, one from Don Smithmier stands out:

“I’d rather spend one focused day figuring out if an idea can work, than a lifetime wondering if it might have worked.”


Meet Whitespace

Today’s inspiration for tomorrow’s big ideas.

See more – 3 min.



Rob R

Why I Love My Job

A cynic’s reaction to the GoKart 600.

Read more – 2 min.



Wikipedia Map

The 36 people who run Wikipedia

A small group with a clear mission.

Read more – 3 min.



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