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Consumer Interest

Generating unique insights through social media

Marketers seeking a quick fix to sales or product awareness problems may be getting jaded.

Their frustration could be a symptom of having their priorities wrong.

We believe the single most strategic objective for your brand’s social media work is to gain unique insights into and build empathy with the people using your products.

To do this, you’ll need tools, tactics, patience, and creativity.

But everything–your sales and marketing, your customer service and product roadmap, your digital efforts and your supplier relationships–will get more effective when you use social media to drive unique insights and know your audience better.


Driving Superior Consumer Insight Through Social Media

Fueling innovation and performance through understanding your customers.

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Paul F.

Do you really know your audience?

Reverse-engineering Facebook Graph Search to build audience personas.

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Bootstrapped and profitable

Meet the millennial who’s making his living off of Facebook.

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