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Changing Our State of Innovation

A recent Fast Company report ranked America’s states for startup innovation.

Minnesota showed up as a total bottom-feeder… ranking 46th.


This from a state that pioneered online education… and a state so rich in med-tech… that three-of-every-four investment dollars here are routed that way.

I hope you’ll read the article… including its take on the influence of low and high tax states… and the degree to which a state’s relative wealth leads to startup innovation.

Hope you’ll share your reactions with us directly:

  1. Do you disagree with the article?

  2. For those reading this in the digital innovation space in this state… what responsibility do you think we have as a collective… to change this perception?

  3. Whether you agree or disagree with the report, consider Steve Case’s comments that:

    “A thriving startup culture isn’t legislated into existence…Those that emerge have a group of entrepreneurs who are active in their community and have decided, hey, we’re going to make this market better.”

    We at GoKart Labs want to DO more.

Who among you would join us in an effort to improve the startup culture in Minnesota?

If you’d like to participate – please respond to [email protected]. Tell us how best to contact you… and we’ll go from there.

After 30 years working as an investigative reporter and news anchor, Rick has seen it all—which is why he loves being a part of our mad scientist crew that’s constantly inventing something new. He’s earned numerous awards including more than a dozen Emmys; with a drive to steer media into new, exciting directions, he’s added “tech entrepreneur” to his already impressive job list of author, speaker, and documentary producer.

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