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Matthew Johnson

Matthew is a walking dichotomy: a strategic designer, a metric-driven UA guy, a believer in traditional AND emerging media. He’s an economist and a songwriter, a creative soul who loves numbers, a lover of dogs, a fighter for the arts, and a darn fine cook to boot.

Where are we going?

My business partner (and GoKart CEO) Don Smithmier recently reminded me of something. He casually said, “This month, GoKart Labs turns nine years old.” NINE. I couldn’t believe it, and to be quite honest, it feels more like nine minutes to me. That said, I’m incredibly proud that we’ve reached this milestone (especially since 8 Read more…

GoKart Method: Horizons

Horizons is one of the proven methods we use here at GoKart to solve problems. It’s used to gain clarity on the specific timing of key milestones within any given project. What Is Horizons? A guided conversation to define what has to happen to accomplish a large goal. Why We Do It Horizons helps break Read more…