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With an insatiable curiosity for how things work, EJ has made a career building new businesses and new experiences. He is always looking to the horizon for new information, technology, and discoveries that will help GoKart clients push their businesses to the next level. Merging this passion for fearless exploration with a relentless pursuit of clarity gives him the tools he needs as a Solution Lead at GoKart. As part of the GoKart Expansion Team, EJ relocated to Washington D.C. to help start our east coast lab. And explore new roads via motorcycle, which he totally doesn't love to do at all.

CASE STUDY: Using Blockchain Technology To Save Schools Money


Hypothesis: We believe that creating a blockchain-based certificate storage, issuance, and verification solution will significantly reduce schools’ operational costs associated with credential and certificate requests from former students. Solution: A digital certificate that has been mathematically transformed and issued to the public Bitcoin Blockchain network. This allows for any individual to validate the authenticity of Read more…