Lab Notes

A Stepping-Stone in a Breakthrough Year

Following last year’s inclusion on the Minnesota Fast 50, GoKart Labs was recently named to the Inc.5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America.



We were humbled by this announcement and owe our strong growth to our great partners, new accounts, and the recent success of startups we have created.

Everyone here at GoKart has aided in contributing to a great culture that produces strong business results.

We have a saying around here;  “Revenue is vanity, profits are reality and cash is king.”

Put another way, we’re incredibly proud of our work and even more excited about the opportunities before us.

Our Growth means we can continure to add smart creative people to the team, invest in our own start-ups, expand other cities, and continue to improve our own methods for delivering great work. We are thrilled to meet the next step forward in this fantastic year.

Blazing the cyber trail for over 15 years, AJ broke the seal on many online tactics, techniques and technologies that are now industry standards. His constant analyzing and asking questions is part of his DNA and, by association, has defined GoKart culture; by turning that introspective tendency to interactive strategy and architecture, he maintains his status as a pioneer (minus the Wild-West aroma).

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