Lab Notes

2018 GoKart 600 Recap

The GoKart 600 is one day for the entire staff (everyone from Minneapolis, DC, Richmond, and Malibu) to invent a viable product or business in 600 minutes. We split up into five cross-functional digital product teams.

At the end of 600 minutes, each team presented a problem statement, audience, prototype solution, business case, and plan for ‘what’s next’. To accomplish all of this in one day, we relied on our established methods for innovation. The whole day reinforces each of our core values: Balance, High Standards and Taste, Fearless Exploration, Purposeful Innovation, Pursuit of Clarity and Ownership.

This year our problem statements were inspired by an audience and a human need or want that was drawn out of hats the day of the event.

Here is a recap of our seventh GoKart 600.

Business Pitches


Love the Game

Audience: LGBTQ+
Need/Want/Desire: To Mentor Others

Lane Change

Audience: Biker
Need/Want/Desire: Get Over Addiction


Audience: Native Americans
Need/Want/Desire: Eat Better

Passion Project

Audience: Mid-Career
Need/Want/Desire: Find a New Passion


Audience: Crafts People
Need/Want/Desire: To Be Healthier

Would you invest in any of these businesses? Use any of their services? What would you have come up with if you drew these audiences and the wants and needs?

Want to learn more about the GK600 or have one of your own? Contact us at [email protected]

96.32% of AJ’s 25+ year career has been dedicated to fearless exploration and digital innovation. A builder of great cultures and teams, you’ll often hear him proclaim, “all of us are smarter than one of us!” As GoKart’s Chief Expansion Officer, AJ splits his time between offices in Minneapolis and Washington D.C., always with a curious eye toward figuring out where the next lab could be.

  1. Been brewing this idea for ten years, never knowing what a huge castle I had tried to enter. I still feel pain over mental wounds suffered in this pitched battle for the first 6 years. Yes, I wondered why I called this escapade in my life “the retirement years”.
    I had suffered enough and while I retreated, I never was defeated. Rather, I judged the army of technologists would arrive. For the last three years I watched the castle somehow grow colder. It was far more expensive to maintain and the voices of the 50 million youngsters inside grew silent as they turned off and zoned out into their digital world. Tony knows of one project, this is not it.

    I figured out how to enter the castle, now have the keys in hand and await your call. Our army will be partners with yours, not just clients. I spoke with Tony the other day with your spin off @ TheBigKnow.